My thoughts on the English language…

Why can’t someone make English a bit easier?

How are people supposed to learn this language when we throw all these curveballs at them..

"you can make this sound with an F but sometimes you use PH to make the same sound.. but P and H don’t sound anything like an F on their own" - like really, how did PH become an F sound in the first place ? Oh and sometimes GH becomes an F sound too, wrap your mind around that mothafucka.

"we use there, their, and they’re for different things but they sound the same out loud ! same with your and you’re, get used to it." - okay i understand the whole 're ordeal to combine the words but THERE and THEIR? couldn’t they have come up with an alternate word?

"a bunch of our words are spelled exactly the same but mean completely different things! wind up this toy before the wind blows it away! can you spot the yellow spot on that shirt? do you have enough room in your room for this can of soda or can you just throw it out for me? just use your bow to shoot an arrow at the man wearing a bow tie standing at the bow of that ship then take a bow for your accuracy.” - I MEAN, REALLY?!

"oh don’t worry about that letter.. it’s silent.” - Then why the fuck is it in there?! WHY does KNIFE need to have a K in the front? WHY?

"don’t ask why this spelling results in that pronunciation, just roll with it" - really, how does aisle turn into eye-l

..with all that said, I’m glad I am not learning to speak English.

& i am happy to see that whoever decided on the spelling of tumblr agrees and is keeping this whole spelling thing easy [;